Valerie dreams big

ValerieA year and a half ago Valerie was exploring what she believed about God. As Muslims and Christians shared their faith with her she knew she needed to decide which path to follow.

She followed Jesus.

Today Valerie is part of a Scripture Union team leading retreats to help teenagers in secondary schools explore faith in Jesus. Since September they have led retreats for over 1000 teenagers from the greater Dublin area.

At a recent Tempo module to help young leaders’ articulate vision, Valerie (pictured) stood up to share her dream.

She paused, nervous about articulating this dream for the first time.

Then she started to tell us her vision to play a part in reconciling rival tribes in Afghanistan through the provision of healthcare; bringing hope and healing to a country devastated by conflict.

We were stunned, inspired by this gifted young leader and new Christian who dares to dream big.

“Tempo has given me the opportunity to think through my vision in ways I hadn’t done before. I’m now clearer on the steps required and focused on how to achieve it.” Valerie

Tempo has been helping Valerie put wheels on her vision and think about how to achieve it. The first module on context and mission affirmed her desire to bring the hope of Jesus in ways that are contextually appropriate for the Afghan culture.

In September Valerie takes the next step as she begins a medicine degree. For now she is excited about the opportunities she has each week to help teenagers as they begin their journey of exploring faith in Jesus.

There are Tempo groups starting in Belfast and Dublin. Click here for more information.


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