Tempo – training leaders who train leaders

KeithDeveloping leaders is a process that takes time. Time to implement, to build team, observe, experiment, evaluate, tweak and practice skills. Secondary school teacher Keith was a member of the Belfast Tempo group that finished last year and leads the Scripture Union group at his school.

“Tempo has given me the confidence to try more things, and actively pursue a vision for change rather than just accepting things the way they are. It provided me with the tools and know how to analyse my role and our group, set a specific vision and the strategies needed to push us forward”

SUNI - Making your markOver the year since finishing Tempo, Keith has been helping his SU group get a clearer focus on what it means for them to do mission in, and serve their school. Little did he realise that faithfully pursuing that calling and implementing his learning from Tempo would see him leading seminars on vision for SU leaders from 25 schools across Northern Ireland this month!

We want to equip more leaders like Keith to bring lasting hope to the places they live, work and lead.

We currently have two Tempo groups running and will be starting two new Tempo groups in Dublin and Belfast in November.

If you are interested or  know any young leaders who would benefit from Tempo see here for more information and download the Tempo flyer here.



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