New Team Members – Introducing Liesel

Liesel hopeWith eight years’ experience of working with teenagers from difficult inner-city environments, training and managing volunteers and running summer camps at Dublin Christian Mission (DCM), we feel privileged to welcome Liesel Reimer to the team at Innovista.

Liesel moved to Dublin in 2005 having grown up in British Columbia, Canada, attended college in Alberta and worked for 18 months in Switzerland. As a missionary with EMCC World Partners in Canada, she came to Dublin to take up the post of Youth Work Coordinator at DCM. She recently received her Irish citizenship.

We’re excited about the energy, expertise and experience Liesel has already brought to the team and the contribution she will make as a trainer for RISE and Tempo. We asked her a few questions:

What brought you to join Innovista?
A few years ago, one of our interns at DCM rang me to ask if I would commit to praying for her while she participated in Tempo. I was really impressed with how incredibly practical Innovista’s leadership training was. Last year a meeting with Ashleigh confirmed my belief in the vision of Innovista. I knew the areas that God was calling me into further and realised that a change of venue would need to take place in order to move more fully into those areas. So here I am!

What are you passionate about?
My heart starts to race with excitement when I am gifted with the opportunity to connect with people and show them with all I do and say just how uniquely important they are – that the truest and deepest parts of them are seen and accepted by the one who Created them. In this environment change is sparked and they begin to believe that they also have the potential to shape the community and world around them.

What have been some of the biggest influences on your leadership journey?
I met with her nearly once a day for every year from age 9 through 17. She taught me about friendship, confidence, caring for people, problem-solving, and being proactive in making the world a better place … yes, one of the first women who inspired my leadership was Nancy Drew! During my late teens and early 20s I had a lot of people in positions of authority who saw potential in me and encouraged it even if they didn’t share the same beliefs as me – they are too numerous to name but have shaped how I believe in and encourage others! In more recent years, I have fumbled my way through leading others and learning how to lead more effectively. During this journey there have been different “experts” I have gone to with specific questions. Their wisdom and advice has taught me about the importance of life-long learning, asking the questions, and being available for others.

What 3 things have inspired you recently?
The Five Dysfunctions of a Team by Patrick Lencioni
The Director of EMCC World Partners, Sandra Tjart
Changes that Heal by Henry Cloud

Liesel has been plunged in at the deep end helping Ashleigh lead RISE with 22 transition year (16yr old) girls in Mount Carmel school in north inner city Dublin.

We have two other RISE groups running and a fourth about to start in Ballymun.

RISE is gaining momentum and credibility. Recently we had the opportunity to present RISE to Dublin’s north inner city education committee. We are excited by teachers and community workers becoming advocates for how we are practically equipping teenagers to bring hope to their communities.


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