Integrating church and community – Dave’s story

“Before Tempo I was quite set in my ways. Because it has been so practical it has helped me look outside the box, do things I wouldn’t have previously done … (it) made me look differently and think about how we can do things better and not just be content with things as they are … it has made me a better leader.” ~ Dave Caldwell

Tempo has fueled a passion in Dave (far right, below) to see leaders equipped and empowered. He believes all leaders involved in ministry have a significant place and as individuals can contribute greatly to kingdom building.

Belfast Tempo cropped

Beginning Tempo in 2013, Dave was in a time of transition. After the first few modules he took on the position of Youth Worker in Ballysally Presbyterian Church, a church with a rich history of community engagement. Based in a housing estate with a history of paramilitary presence, the community of Christians has been a source of hope for young people and families.

Learning to lead with vision has helped Dave move from places of frustration to places of purpose. He would love to see the church and community becoming more integrated, young people to experience more hope and life, and bring people who are on the fringes into the centre.

“Tempo increased my confidence in how I lead and why.”

Through evaluating the strategy and stewardship of resources Dave has been able to become clearer on the purpose of the activities that they do to make sure they are able to see their vision become a reality. They are starting to figure out what is working already and what needs to change. Already they see increasing:

  • Numbers of young people taking part in youth club, activities and mentoring
  • Numbers of adults from the estate becoming Christians and engaging their families
  • Numbers of young people who feel they belong and no longer feel like suicide is their only option
  • Numbers of young people leaving gangs
  • Numbers of volunteer youth workers
  • Partnership between church, schools and social services
  • Government funding for youth workers


Dave knows that the vision for the community will not happen if he works his own. He needs the team around him. What he has learnt has given him freedom to ask the difficult questions about where they are going and how they will get there. He has taken the theory and put it into practice while inviting others to do the same.

“Tempo has given me tools to lead teams and volunteers. It has helped me bring others in from the fringes, equip the whole team to step out where gifted and not leave it all to one person.”

As the Ballysally Presbyterian youth work team has further developed their understanding of their context, vision, strategy and stewardship they have seen that their clarity of focus has also changed the outlook of the young people. For Dave, this has been worth every penny it cost to journey through Tempo with other like-minded people.

“Tempo really empowered me to a more practical and intentional leadership.”

In Dublin, a group of young professionals have just completed the module, Leading with Vision. An interns group with participants from Scripture Union and Solas Project are heading into their fourth module, Building Teams.
Young leaders are grasping hold of God given vision in the cities and towns they live in.
If you feel the pull to something bigger than what you feel capable of but are unsure of how it is even possible, consider joining us for Tempo this September.


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