Tempo: God’s kingdom come

Tempo articleFive people, five professions, five passions – one vision: to impact Dublin city through the development of our ability to understand our contexts, cast vision, create a plan, use our resources wisely, work as a team and deepen our character.

This year’s Dublin Tempo group has been exciting! It’s inevitable when you put such an interesting mix into one room: A teacher, an accountant, a chef, a radiation therapist and a career missionary … and Sam, our facilitator.

Tempo isn’t a programme that you take time out in life for. It slots into the every day, into the hopes and dreams and into the future plans. As such, it impacted the direction we (Clodagh, Denise, Freda, Emma and myself) each ended up heading over the year. The conversations that came out of the material covered during each module changed the trajectory of our thoughts and, consequently, our choices.

Guidance, as a corporate spiritual discipline, calls for people to bring their personal ideas to the larger group of faith and accept feedback. Essentially, this is what we have been doing this whole time. As we discovered more about our contexts and revealed very personal dreams and plans we were challenged by the group – Will it work? Have you thought of this idea? It is putting something you really care about and have prayed about on the table for other people to give their feedback on.

Clodagh and I grabbed a coffee just before the summer. She described the discomfort that receiving this sort of feedback can cause and yet the value of learning to accept it. I can relate. As Christians on mission we ascribe to the Body of Christ working together and yet struggle with understanding how the passion God has given “me” relates to you too. By practicing guidance our ideas have gained depth. Since that coffee, Clodagh made a decision to step down from her previous job and is now working with Solas Project. This is a move closer towards the purposes that God has placed on her heart for teens in crisis.

Denise and Freda have been working with their Meitheal group at Adelaide Road Presbyterian. At the start of Tempo they both didn’t consider themselves to be leaders. The results of the work they put in tells a different story! Together the group has found a clearer vision of who they want to be and why. Freda was the most reluctant of us to claim leadership and but is now able to see the ways that she can lead out of who she is.

Emma is our visionary artist. When we were putting together our “pictures” of what is (current reality) and what could (vision for a better future) be she drew an emotive visual that showed the girls she was teaching pulling down the walls that prevent them from seeing a world beyond expectations and smashing mirrors of image and perfection. Just as her passion and strategy began to take shape she was left in the same position of many other new teachers – looking for a new teaching position. In Tempo we walk together as life shifts under our feet.

And me? I began to dream again and let God give me a new vision for the city. As I spent time working through questions about context at the start it felt like a weight was being lifted off. Like from the dawning of a new day, I began to make out the shadows of what the city could look like if God’s kingdom came here.

Tempo is about God’s kingdom coming here through you and me. If that’s your desire too, why don’t you join us. New Tempo groups will be starting in a couple of locations in the coming months. Visit our Tempo page for more information.


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