Small Steps Towards Increased Leadership Health

Last week we looked at getting a picture of how our health is affecting us in our leadership roles (read it here if you missed it). Leaders set the culture. We have the opportunity to set healthy cultures in our organisations simply through the power of our example. Leading out of a place of emotional, physical, mental and spiritual health enables us to serve those we lead more effectively through increasing capacity to listen, gaining perspective on complex issues, taking time to understand what lies behind people’s behaviour and having the energy to dream about what could be.

This week is all about small changes that make a big difference towards topping up lower levels of emotional, physical, spiritual and mental health. Big results often just need the right small changes and consistent grace. You probably have a lot of things that have worked well for you in the past. Use one of those again! If you’re stuck, here are a few of our suggestions:list of life giving thingsStep 1: Choose one thing.

Step 2: Set something up that will help you remember to do this each day: set a reminder on your phone; write it on a sticky note and put it up near you; make a poster; ask a friend to do it with you.

Step 3: Give yourself permission to not do it perfectly. In all things remember that we are told to “come boldly to the throne of grace so we can find mercy and grace in time of need” (Hebrews 4:16). Grasp hold of grace and rely on it as if you were a mountain climber in need of strong ropes.

Spiritual and emotional growth takes time. And often a transformation happens over time without the person knowing quite how it happened. ~ Dr. Henry Cloud

By caring for ourselves we will develop the space to see ourselves with greater awareness. From self-awareness we gain the capacity to have control over our impulses (self-regulation) – we are able to create and maintain boundaries in our lives.

Personal Leadership Health was a workshop co-facilitated by Liesel Reimer and Joy Winterbotham. For more about Innovista Leadership Workshops visit our workshops page. We also provide workshops for staff teams. Contact us for more information.


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