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Laveda, a 2015 Tempo participant, is now working as the After-School Site Coordinator with the YMCA of the Cayman Islands.

What are you doing and why are you doing it? 

I am currently an After-School Site Coordinator with the YMCA of the Cayman Islands where I lead a team of nine people with oversight of up to 52 kids. When I left my former job in product development to go to Solas Project in Ireland it was mainly due to a calling I felt the Lord had placed on my heart to become better equipped to serve children living in difficult places/circumstances. After my internship at Solas I was unsure of what my next step would be and the position at the YMCA came into my path as I was transitioning back home. It seemed very serendipitous because I had just returned home (the very night!) and was telling the Lord I had no clue what to do next but I knew I didn’t want to return to a corporate type job. Then I opened the paper and saw the position for the YMCA and they only needed one year of experience working with children (which is all I had) and I sort of knew “okay, I’m headed in the right direction, this is what’s next”.

What impact has Tempo had on your work and/or life? 

The Tempo experience came at the perfect time as I was still trying to flesh out some project ideas for the long term. Tempo carved out the space for me to think it through and imagine what it would look like. The map I drew from one of the sessions currently serves as the blueprint for an upcoming project. During Tempo I wasn’t in a supervisory role and none of my previous work experiences involved me having people who directly reported to me but now I’m leading a team of 9 people and if it wasn’t for the lessons I learned at Tempo I would be completely clueless. The sessions gave me a better understanding of group dynamics, how to handle conflict (goodbye passive aggressiveness!) and a practical tool via ‘The Five Dysfunctions Model’ by which to assess, challenge and encourage my team. So looking back, in combination with some other key life experiences, I feel like Tempo helped to groom me to be a successful leader of people.

What have you put into practice from the Tempo content? What has stuck with you since the training?

It’s funny how in my mind I separated so many of the principles I learned in the corporate world from what I now doing for the Kingdom and yet the principle of stewardship, taking responsibility for what you have and how you use it, is so fundamentally a biblical principle. It quickly brought me back to some basic, concrete principles that were simultaneously paired with prayer and spiritual disciplines. What’s stuck with me is the picture of the servant leader which is so opposite to what we think a leader should be but is totally in line with the picture of our ultimate leader – Jesus. I constantly ask myself both at work and in everyday life if I’m modelling that more than I do or say anything else.

How can we and others be praying for you?

I would greatly appreciate prayer for the courage and faithfulness to pursue the ideas the Lord has given me and the self-discipline to not be distracted but to stay focused on Him. Also in a more specific way, my team and I need prayer for simplicity in sharing the gospel with the kids we serve in a way that is meaningful to them.


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