Where Are They Now? – Joel

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Joel, a 2015 Tempo participant, is now working as the Youth Worker in Dundrum Methodist Church in Dublin. 


What are you doing and why are you doing it? 


I’m currently a youth worker at Dundrum Methodist Church. I’m a youth worker because I’m passionate about helping people find purpose. I believe that God made each of us with talents, abilities, and an incredible uniqueness. My goal is to facilitate a journey away from the societal pressures and checklist that would box us in and instead embrace the freedom that comes with finding our identity in Jesus, and making our faith the compass that guides us.


What impact has Tempo had on your work and/or life? 


Tempo helped me externalize some of the things that were going on in my soul. What is mission? How do we do it? What is my context? It helped me answer some of the big questions.


What have you put into practice from the Tempo content? What has stuck with you since the training?


The exercises that were interactive come to mind. I believe we had to draw the step by step process by which we were going to complete our mission while also including potential barriers or pitfalls. This was a bit of an epiphany for me as having to draw, write and actually create some semblance of structure around my thoughts helped give me an idea of where I currently was, where I needed to start, what I needed to avoid, and what my goals should be.


How can we and others be praying for you?


Please pray for vision I know God has massive plans for the youth of Dundrum, but sometimes I feeling like I’m waiting for Him to clue me on what those plans actually are. Pray for the youth that I work with, that they would be encouraged, inspired, and intentional about their spiritual growth. Pray for Dundrum Methodist Church, that it would be a community that points people to Jesus!


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