Where Are They Now? -Louise

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Louise, 2012 Tempo participant, now a Dublin Staff Worker with Christian Unions Ireland

What are you doing and why are you doing it? 

I am currently a Dublin Staff Worker with an organisation called Christian Unions Ireland, formerly known as IFES Ireland (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students). We work with Christian Unions on university and college campuses across the island of Ireland. I serve on Trinity College Dublin, Dublin Institute of Technology and Maynooth University campuses. Ever since I was a student, I have had a passion for student ministry; to see lives transformed by the gospel, to encourage students to be bold in their faith on campus and to share their story with their fellow classmates and peers. It is a privilege to disciple young people and equip and inspire them in their journey of faith in Jesus and help them understand more of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus and how to share that in their everyday lives.

What impact has Tempo had on your work and/or life? 

For me, Tempo helped me to think more structurally and logically about how to lead.  It equipped me with resources and means to think through how to lead a team that is effective in its duty and how to work through situations of conflict and difficulty well. I also realised the value of team work. Personally, I really enjoy being part of a team and being able to share ideas with one another so it was great to have that affirmed through the course and be given pointers in how to lead an effective team, and how to love them well.

What have you put into practice from the Tempo content? What has stuck with you since the training?

I realised the value of team and the impact that each person can have on each other and on the project or event or group that a team is involved in.  My current job relies massively on the effectiveness of a team both as a staff team and also as I work with each CU committee. Being able to help them see the value in working through more difficult issues, conflicts and showing them that conflict is something that can be good and healthy, not bad, is definitely an area of training that has stuck with me.

How can we and others be praying for you?

You could pray that I am honest and authentic as I guide students in their leadership and their walk with Christ. Especially at the beginning of semester when everything is busy and all over the place, or so it seems, so pray that I can get my head around all the tasks I have in front of me and that I will do it with a prayerful and joyful heart.


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