Where Are They Now? – Zola

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Zola, 2014 Tempo participant, now a university student in South Africa.

What are you doing and why are you doing it? 

My name is Zola, I am about to begin my 3rd year at university in South Africa. My majors are French and Spanish. I’ve always wanted to study, I just never knew where and what I wanted to do; I took a year off and got involved working with Scripture Union South Africa as well as in Ireland. While I was involved in these programs, God made it very clear to me what he wants me to do with my life and that is to become a translator. The plan is to work with the UN in African countries, hopefully helping others to find Christ in their own language. Which makes it more personal to them.

What impact has Tempo had on your work and/or life? 

Tempo brought out the type of leader I am now and it opened a door for me to lead a team in the best way possible, through Christ. I enjoyed the process in which we did our training, it was very bible based and this gave me practical examples of leaders I could follow.

What have you put into practice from the Tempo content? What has stuck with you since the training?

I can’t say that I’ve put much into practice really since I am still in university, but there are times when I am put in a leadership position in ministry and what I’ve been going back to is how I am a missionary who has a real mission on this earth and now I have the tools to excel in the mission.

How can we and others be praying for you?

My desire is for my life to be a reflection of Christ no matter what the circumstances are, please pray with me that I may continue to live the Word of God through all my life, and to love others unconditionally. Thank you, that would be great!


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