Leading for Life Speaker Resources

Here are a few resources recommended by our Leading for Life 2018 speakers.

Ana Mullan helped centre us with silence, guided prayer and scripture reading (1 Corinthians 12). She suggests reading these two books:

a good life


A Good Life by Robert Benson

“I came across this little book when I was browsing at the Bible Society when it used to be on Dawson Street. It was the beginning of my journey that ended up in me doing my BA with emphasis on spiritual formation in IBI and later to become a spiritual director. It talks about the Rule of St. Benedict, highlighting the most important bits.”




a simple life changing prayer



A Simple Life-changing Prayer (Discovering the Power of St. Ignatius Loyola’s Examen) by Jim Manney

A very helpful book on reflecting on a daily basis, finding God in all things and practicing gratitude.




Marilyn Nyquist led us in learning about teamwork and what we bring to the teams we are a part of. She suggests using these resources:

zoom-teamwork.jpgZoom” activity by Istvan Banyai

“I give out the first 8 pages, 1 each, and instruct the team to show no one the page they have.  They have to describe what they see in their picture to each other and after hearing all the descriptions, decide together (without looking) which order they think the pages go in.  They lay their pictures – face down – in the order they all decide on.  Then they turn them over and see if they need to make any adjustments.  Now they know how the sequencing of the pictures works to some extent.  Then I give them each two pictures, same gig.  Continue this until they have all the pages laid out in order.  There’s lots to debrief on with this and there are so many different ways you can use it.  He has other similar books but I’ve only got this one and it’s great.”




Story Cubes can be helpful to develop good team work, listening skills, etc.  The website has some good ideas.




Sam Moore then finished off our training day with discussion around collaboration. He suggests these resources:


Partnership and Collaboration article by the Lausanne Movement. Read it here.




the forgotten factor


The Forgotten Factor By Mark Berry and Phillip Mounstephen

Especially in western Christianity, community has often been a neglected aspect of mission and evangelism. This compelling study offers a means of approaching mission that places community at its heart, enabling local churches to better express their missional calling.






mission shaped unity


Mission-shaped Unity by Colin Marsh and Jim Currin

This booklet explores Missio Dei and how it is currently shaping changes in Churches Together at national, regional and local levels. It aims to raise questions that will inspire readers to bring about new ways of being churches together.






tandem one


“Stop, Collaborate and Listen” article. Read it here.


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