For Churches, Organisations and Teams


Training for Churches, Organisations and Teams

We recognise that the most effective learning often takes place within existing teams. We provide workshops and training that can be tailored to your team and context.

Workshops for Teams

We have provided a variety of training (workshops and coaching) for organisations and churches including Solas Project, Presbyterian Church in Ireland Youth Department, Scripture Union Ireland, Serge (formerly World Harvest Mission), Latin Link, Abbey Presbyterian Church, St Catherine’s Church, Youthlink, Strandtown Baptist Church, Maynooth Community Church, Urban Junction, New Wine Ireland, Exodus, New Horizon and Church of Ireland Theological Institute.

Workshop topics have included:

  • Unlocking your leadership challenges
  • Ending Internships Well
  • Coaching
  • Managing Interns
  • Values, Behaviours and Teams
  • Leadership 101
  • Leading Change
  • Innovating Mission
  • Moving from One Man Band to Team Leadership
  • Building Teams
  • Character Formation
  • Self-Awareness and Teams
  • Transforming Conflict
  • Stewardship, Strategy and Outcomes
  • Leading Teams
  • Developing New Leaders

Tempo for Teams

As a team you can also experience Tempo together, focusing on your mission initiative/ministry. Tempo for teams is ideal for teams starting new initiatives or looking to increase the effectiveness of your current initiatives/ministry.

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