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Tempo – helping you lead and reach your community more effectively

Tempo offers high quality mission-focused training for people in their 20s and 30s with a dream to make a difference where they are.

Tempo is for you if you:

  • Have a strong desire to learn and develop in your ability to engage your community and  lead (local) mission
  • Are currently involved in leading others or have opportunity to begin a new ministry or mission initiative.
  • Desire to work alongside other Christians to see God’s Kingdom come.

What can you expect?

See Clodagh’s experience of Tempo:

Tempo is intended to run alongside your current leadership responsibilities and enhance what you are already doing. You can expect:

  • Seven days of workshops, covering six areas of development (usually one full day workshop every six weeks)
  • Experiential activities
  • Group learning with other like-minded leaders
  • Biblical understanding of mission and leadership
  • Course materials and participant manual
  • Articles, talks and videos to enhance learning between modules
  • One-on-one coaching as requested
  • Actively putting learning into practice in your context throughout the programme

What is the cost?

Tempo costs €400/£400, which covers your training, coaching and course materials. Discounts are available for those not in full-time employment and if two or more members of a leadership team sign up.

How do I apply?

  • Complete and return the Tempo application form – contact us for a form.
  • A €80/£80 (non-refundable) deposit is required once you have been accepted on Tempo

Workshop Content

  1. Introduction to teams on mission
  2. Teams on Mission
  3. What might mission look like where you are?
  4. Building the team you need
  5. Getting where you need to go
  6. Growing people for mission
  7. Stewarding your resources well

Where is Tempo happening?

New groups will be starting in Autumn 2017 in:

  • Dublin
  • The North West
  • Belfast

We would love to start groups in more places – please contact us for more information.

“Before Tempo I was quite set in my ways. Because it has been so practical it has helped me look outside the box, do things I wouldn’t have previously done … (it) made me look differently and think about how we can do things better and not just be content with things as they are … it has made me a better leader.Dave (Youth worker, Ballysally)

“Having to work on a clear vision for youth outreach in Donabate helped me to see the big picture and put plans in place to develop leaders who have carried after I have gone.

Before I was working day to day. Tempo gave me the opportunity to ask questions and clarify what we were doing. It enabled me to plan and put in place clear steps as to how we could build community and enable our teenagers to discover Jesus.”  Andy (Youth work intern, Donabate)

“I began to dream again and let God give me a new vision for the city.” Liesel (Dublin)

“Tempo has given me the confidence to try more things, and actively pursue a vision for change rather than just accepting things the way they are. It provided me with the tools and know how to analyse my role and our group, set a specific vision and the strategies needed to push us forward” Keith (teacher, Belfast)

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