Tempo Leadership Course

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The Tempo Leadership Course

The Tempo Leadership Course helps you and your team to clarify your vision, improve your teamwork and lead with confidence so that people and communities are changed by Jesus.
You’re called to bring the hope of Jesus to others. The needs and opportunities can be overwhelming. You need to be clear what to do and how to do it.
For the last seven years in Ireland, and ten years, across Europe, Russia and Asia, the Tempo Leadership Course (TLC) has been developed and proven.
Tempo will equip you and your team to lead mission where you are.

Tempo is for you if you are:

  • Leading a team or part of a leadership team in a local church or ministry organisation or a pioneer leader launching a new church or mission initiative
  • In your 20s/30s
    • Eager to become a more effective servant leader

What can you expect?

See Clodagh’s experience of Tempo:


Tempo is designed to run alongside your current leadership responsibilities.

Eight individual training days (with 5-6 weeks between each one)
Each workshop combines biblical insight, practical training, useful tools and time to apply what you’ve learned. You’ll finish each workshop day with an action plan for your team that will grow your ministry.
Supported Implementation
In between the 1-day workshops, you’ll be supported to implement your action plan. Your course trainer will be available to coach and advise as you lead where you are.
Experienced Trainers
Workshops are facilitated by experienced leaders who are also expert trainers. They will get to know you and your situation so they can help you move forward.
Learning with others like you
The course usually comprises several church or ministry teams from a city/region, although individual pioneers are also welcome. You’ll learn from others who will challenge and support you as you pursue your calling.

What is the cost?

Tempo costs vary depending on location. Contact us for more information using the form below.

How do I apply?

Contact us using the form below to express interest and to recieve a more detailed overview of the Tempo Leadership Course.

Workshop Content

  1. Foundations for leaders
  2. Teams on Mission
  3. Mission where you are
  4. Building the team you need
  5. Getting where you need to go (strategy)
  6. Growing people for mission
  7. Stewarding your resources well
  8. Learning for the future (takes place six months after the previous workshop)

Where is Tempo happening?

Currently: Dublin and Coleraine

Starting in Autumn 2018 – Dublin

We would love to start groups in more places – please contact us for more information.

“I began to dream again and let God give me a new vision for the city.” Liesel (Dublin)

“Before Tempo I was quite set in my ways. Because it has been so practical it has helped me look outside the box, do things I wouldn’t have previously done … (it) made me look differently and think about how we can do things better and not just be content with things as they are … it has made me a better leader.Dave (Youth worker, Ballysally)

“Having to work on a clear vision for youth outreach in Donabate helped me to see the big picture and put plans in place to develop leaders who have carried after I have gone.

Before I was working day to day. Tempo gave me the opportunity to ask questions and clarify what we were doing. It enabled me to plan and put in place clear steps as to how we could build community and enable our teenagers to discover Jesus.”  Andy (Youth work intern, Donabate)

“Tempo has given me the confidence to try more things, and actively pursue a vision for change rather than just accepting things the way they are. It provided me with the tools and know how to analyse my role and our group, set a specific vision and the strategies needed to push us forward” Keith (teacher, Belfast)






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