IMG_4141Innovista workshops are designed for Christian leaders in their 20s and 30s who are responsible for leading other volunteer or paid staff. Each workshop is limited to 20 people.

What to expect

Quality Content: Workshop content is designed in partnership with leaders who have experience and training in the topic being covered.

Content for Transformation: Recognising that leaders all have different styles of learning and processing, content is designed for maximum impact across the spectrum. Each participant can expect to be stretched in their personal and professional development.

Tailored for Missional Settings: Missional settings can often come with a unique set of challenges. Each workshop is designed to address the spiritual dimensions that can both aid and hinder growth in these areas.

Future Focused: By the end of each workshop, you will have developed a clear set of “next steps” that are specific and appropriate for you and your context.

Continued Peer-Support: To help support growth, we ask that you agree to stay in contact with 2-3 other participants once a week for 4-5 weeks following the workshop. The groups are intended to provide ongoing community and support for each participant.

Want a workshop but don’t live near Dublin? Contact us to set up a workshop series in your town/city.

Previous workshops include:

Reaching your Local Community – in partnership with Exodus North West (Derry and Sligo)

Learning and Leading across the generations hosted in Third Space Smithfield, Dublin

Managing Interns- in partnership with Church of Ireland Theological Institute

Building effective teams for mission – workshops for Church of Ireland Curates in Belfast and Dublin

Coaching Skills and Missional Leadership– in partnership with Centre for Youth Ministry Ireland, Belfast

Handling Conflict Better with guest facilitator Joe Campbell, Dublin

Personal Leadership Health with guest facilitator, Joy Winterbotham and hosted in Tearfund, Dublin.

Developing a Culture of Healthy Boundaries with guest facilitator Jacob Reynolds, hosted in St. Catherine’s Church, Dublin.

Creating a Strategic Plan in Ministry with guest facilitator Andrew McNeile, hosted in Adelaide Road Presbyterian, Dublin.

Proposing and Navigating Change with guest facilitator Audrey Wilson, hosted in Abbey Presbyterian, Dublin.

Leading with Character in partnership with Exodus, hosted in Burnfoot, Donegal.


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