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Looking back on Leading for Life One Day

“easily the most equipping thing I’ve done this year. Amazing content.. ..can’t wait for more”

“the first session stimulated a conversation between myself and a co-worker that proved challenging but oh so helpful”

“I have a new ministry idea. I will investigate it now!”

“I feel refreshed and have been reminded that better leadership is possible”

“I’d like to have a conversation with church team and leadership people about how we can strive to make the team that I’m a member of the best that we  can be to follow God’s mission for us/the church/community”

A selection of the feedback from the 30 leaders from across the island (Dublin, Drogheda, Belfast and even Donegal!) who gathered at the fabulous Riasc Centre in Swords for the first Leading for Life One Day in Ireland.

We were stretched and inspired to get clear on our vision by Innovista’s International Director Jason Lane, in addition to dealing with the elephants in our rooms that we’ve been avoiding. Kate Bowen-Evans passionately reminded us that bad management in Christian organisations and churches is a pastoral issue as she led us through building teams and managing people well.

The afternoon saw a change of pace and the opportunity to be inspired by stories of mission in very different contexts from Ruth  Garvey-Williams of Vox magazine and Pam Rooney who founded Paradoxology – a Christian prayer space at Electric Picnic.

With plenty of time for reflection, discussion, sharing insights and ideas and to work on applying the sessions to our contexts, even the torrential rain didn’t manage to dampen spirits. We’re excited about the impact the leaders at Leading for Life are having and will have in their communities, and look forward to sharing some of those stories as we follow them up. Check out some of the photos below.

In 2017 there will be two Irish Leading for Life One Day events – in Dublin and the North-West.

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Be equipped to lead change in your community – Leading for Life One Day


LFL one day2You want to reach people. You want to see your community changed and church grow. You want to steward your influence and resources wisely.  We recognise leadership can be overwhelming. It can be difficult to know what to do, to be sure that you’re doing the right things.

Leading for Life provides practical training for leaders who want to get better.

Insightful training and the time to apply it means that you will end the day ready and able to act.

Join with like-minded people for one day designed to help you and your team.


Leading for Life is designed for leaders, whether volunteer or staff, at all levels in churches and organisations

You will:

  • Gain inspiration and insight from experienced leaders
  • Be helped by purposeful connections with other leaders
  • Have time to process and apply your learning to your own team and ministry
  • Identify your next steps
  • Take action to lead better


Find out more at www.leadingforlife.org/dublin and book here



Leading for Life 2015

Leading for Life 2015 blog pic

Three weeks ago we were in a church in Berlin, Germany with 78 young leaders from 8 different European countries. As an Innovista team, we are still in awe of the service, dedication, and drive these leaders have to see their communities changed by and for Jesus.

As we look back on our time together in Berlin, we remember what was said. This year’s theme was ‘Unconditional‘ which focused on the fact that when we know we are loved (unconditionally by God), we are free to truly lead. Remembering some of the quotes from the speakers helps summarise and pin point the amazing moments of the 3 days of training.

Here are some of our favourites:10869819_877071632386769_8336061919075376624_o

with Charlie Hadjiev

  • “God simply loves us because we belong to him.”
  • “A love that requires a response.”

The Surprising Practices of Servant Leaders 11924354_877071765720089_5676075165359071676_owith Jason Lane

  • “Dealing with pain with lament moves us away from resentment and revenge towards peace-making.”
  • “Shouting at God, is a statement of faith.” (on rediscovering lament)
  • 3 practices of servant leaders: Nurture Feedback, Ask for help, and Lament
  • “Not asking for help steals the opportunity from others to make their best contribution”
  • “Not asking for help denies others the opportunity to grow.”
  • “3 questions to ask those you’re leading:
    • 1. How do you experience me?
    • 2. What do I do well?
    • 3. What can I do better?”
  • “Feedback matters because it’s helps us to see clearly.”
  • “Nurture a feedback culture! It enables you to see ways to improve and not to break or hit those you lead.”
  • “We are greatly loved. We don’t have to pretend we have it all together”

Leading to Lose Control with Jason Lane

  • “We can do more together than we can alone so build partnerships!”
  • “Partner in mission – We need to work together for the sake of our communities.”
  • “Let’s focus on building the Kingdom, not on building our tribe.”
  • “You can’t make something grow but if you plant a seed and water it you’ve got a better chance of seeing growth.”
  • “Question: Which comes first? Mission or Discipleship? Answer: Yes”

Building Strengths-Based Teams with Insur 11888162_877069919053607_6667220901328757830_oShamgunov

  • “Paul says we are all part of the body. God gives different gifts to different people. Playing to our strengths is not new!”
  • “What does a strong team include? Strategic thinkers, Influencers, Relationship builders, and people who will execute.”
  • “How can you be more intentional about using one or more of your top 5 strengths to attack your biggest challenge?”
  • “Burnout is not about the number of hours we spend at work, but it’s about what we do at work.”
  • “We think that if we focus on our weaknesses, we can become great people. We’re wrong.”
  • “Focusing on weaknesses prevents failure. Focusing on strengths leads to success.”
  • “Our biggest potential for growth, is in the area of our strengths, NOT our weaknesses.”

11927459_877072819053317_6700263477040623037_oDare to Ask with Rachel Gardner

Immeasurably More with Rachel Gardner

  • “What if God is the immeasurably more God who we say he is? How could he work through us if we let him?”
  • “Stepping In: make yourself available to the Spirit.”
  • “Stepping Up: pursue a bigger revelation of God.”
  •  “Stepping Out: dare to imagine that God can do immeasurably more.”
  • “As leaders, are we reading the Bible just to prepare for our next talk, or are we expecting Jesus to reveal himself to us?”
  • “Whether leading in the media, the church, or fighting trafficking, we know that Jesus is our hope.”
  • “Sending our ‘what if’ prayers up and lifting our expectations of God.” –Sarah Lawrence (participant)
  • “Forgive us for our when the way we expect things to be done becomes the limit on what we allow you to do.”

neil and david

Leading Others Into Life with Neil Young

  • “Focus on Jesus’ presence, not your preference.”
  • “So let your structures be fluid, fast, and flexible.”
  • “The bigger something gets, the slower it often gets.” (on the challenges of leading mission growth)
  • “Expand the vision. Narrow your focus”

For more quotes check out the hashtag #LeadingForLife

Check out all the photos from Leading for Life 2015 here.

For more about Leading for Life, visit the website.

Leading for Life 2015 – 3 days of leadership and mission training

We’re excited about seeing 100 leaders in their 20s and 30s from across Europe gathering this August in Berlin for 3 days training and coaching on leadership and mission.

Book by 30 April to take advantage of our €99 early booking discount.

Leading for life is practical, experiential and interactive – you’ll sit at a table with 7 other leaders, learning from each other as well as those leading the sessions. You’ll also have the opportunity for a one on one or team coaching session to help put your learning into practice before you leave.

We have some fantastic people coming to provide training and share their stories and experience:

  • Rachel Gardner is a youth worker, the founder of Romance Academy, currently President of Girls Brigade England and Wales. She also works with Ignite – helping young people involved in gangs in London.
  • Insur Shamgunov is employed by Gallup (who created Strengths Finder) to design, lead, and implement change programmes that transform the world’s leading companies. He has also planted a led a church in Russia.
  • Charlie Hadjiev is a theologian who currently teaches at Belfast Bible College and is a member of the IFES Europe leadership team. He led student ministry in his native Bulgaria as well as pastoring a church.
  • Jason Lane is the international Director of Innovista which he founded 15 years ago. Innovista trains leaders for mission in several countries across Eurasia. Jason also leads the youth work in his local church.
  • Neil Young is a pastor at Causeway Vineyard (and former youth worker) which has seen over 2000 people come to faith over the last year. We’ll be hearing their story and have the opportunity to tease out some of the leadership lessons.

We’re excited about the potential of Leading for Life 2015 – will you join us?

“Leading for Life is a perfect setting for people who want to get a deeper understanding of their role and calling as leaders and how to build God’s Kingdom on this earth.”

David, Berlin

Leading for Life

LFL-2014-1236(636x290)Moving forward always takes innovation – the introduction of something new to bring change. It means grappling with the big questions of society and belief while attaining practical solutions that nudge every day interactions towards a desired future. And, as Glenn Jordan so eloquently described, it hangs on imagination – that empty, abstract space of “what could this look like?”

At the end of August over 70 participants from 12 different countries met in Vienna for Leading for Life, Innovista’s European conference. The purpose was to inspire and equip Christian leaders towards mission, leadership and impact in their local contexts.

Glenn Jordan (Director of Skainos, Belfast) and Veniamin Sazonov (Programme Coordinator for Beginning of Life, Moldova) shared their experiences of innovating local mission, including theoretical and theological inspiration. Participants encouraged each other while in discussion around the table and while standing around the coffee bar. The benefit of having a European conference was discovering just what God is doing in so many communities across the continent.


Ruth Koch (Head of UK Volunteering for Tearfund) led very practical workshops with activities to help uncover hidden talents in people and release their potential. Her open ended question: “When were you?” was one of those thought provoking questions that will linger on our minds, affecting the choices we make and our interactions with others.

Moving forward towards the dreams that God places in us and trying to do things differently will inevitably bring feelings of fear at some point.  Jason Lane (International Director of Innovista) gave our final challenge on Saturday morning: to imagine what we would do if we were not afraid.

As well as inspiring and challenging content, Leading for Life provided the opportunity for coaching from the Innovista team, space to think about personal ministries and guided discussion with like minded people. At the end of the three days we had plenty of food for thought, tools for imagination and practical new ideas to try out in our contexts.