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Looking back on Leading for Life One Day

“easily the most equipping thing I’ve done this year. Amazing content.. ..can’t wait for more”

“the first session stimulated a conversation between myself and a co-worker that proved challenging but oh so helpful”

“I have a new ministry idea. I will investigate it now!”

“I feel refreshed and have been reminded that better leadership is possible”

“I’d like to have a conversation with church team and leadership people about how we can strive to make the team that I’m a member of the best that we  can be to follow God’s mission for us/the church/community”

A selection of the feedback from the 30 leaders from across the island (Dublin, Drogheda, Belfast and even Donegal!) who gathered at the fabulous Riasc Centre in Swords for the first Leading for Life One Day in Ireland.

We were stretched and inspired to get clear on our vision by Innovista’s International Director Jason Lane, in addition to dealing with the elephants in our rooms that we’ve been avoiding. Kate Bowen-Evans passionately reminded us that bad management in Christian organisations and churches is a pastoral issue as she led us through building teams and managing people well.

The afternoon saw a change of pace and the opportunity to be inspired by stories of mission in very different contexts from Ruth  Garvey-Williams of Vox magazine and Pam Rooney who founded Paradoxology – a Christian prayer space at Electric Picnic.

With plenty of time for reflection, discussion, sharing insights and ideas and to work on applying the sessions to our contexts, even the torrential rain didn’t manage to dampen spirits. We’re excited about the impact the leaders at Leading for Life are having and will have in their communities, and look forward to sharing some of those stories as we follow them up. Check out some of the photos below.

In 2017 there will be two Irish Leading for Life One Day events – in Dublin and the North-West.

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Coaching, Google, Mentoring and Building Teams

by Ashleigh

I recently attended my first Dublin Leadership Collaborative, held in the innovative surroundings of the Dublin Google Offices. This was the second of these events  hosted by Innovista Ireland for a wide range of young Christian Leaders from across the city.

It was a fantastic day, networking and connecting with various people, hearing their stories and journeys in their own leadership contexts ranging from inner city youth workers to business leaders. Throughout the day, we worked through three sessions in smaller groups, firstly looking at coaching and the art of asking powerful questions,  mentoring and finding a spiritual companion for the journey and finally ‘getting the right people on the bus’, which looked at how to recruit the right people for your cause. Each of these sessions proved thought-provoking yet encouraging seeing the benefit and change that they can bring to leaders themselves, to the contexts within which they work and to those people that they lead.

In the last session of the day, we spent time as a larger group sharing with each other our stories – where we’ve come from, our experiences in leadership to date and how we want to grow and move forward in our current roles. This provided a unique opportunity to hear from people who were in a similar line of work, had experiences you could identify with or someone you felt you could encourage and collaborate with from your own experience.  I personally found it incredible to be able to sit in a room of 30 or so young leaders and be surrounded by such a wealth of experience and talent. It was the first time I was ever in a setting like this and reflecting back, it was a fabulous way to feel connected and part of something bigger – the wider, diverse work of Christians in Ireland seeking hope and change for their contexts.

I am looking forward to following up on some of the contacts made and building connections and relationships that will create avenues of change and possibility that may not otherwise have been discovered.

From ‘One-Man-Band’ to Team

Our understanding of Christian leadership is rooted in our understanding of the church (our ecclesiology), and in the Mission of God (which of course is intertwined with ecclesiology).

One of the most familiar metaphors for the church in the Bible is that of the body – lots of different parts carrying out different functions but all working together, none more important or superior to the other, but all working toward the same end. Paul uses this in reference to the different gifts of the Spirit that are given for the building up of the body. It is obvious that one person cannot have all the gifts, whereas a team of leaders/elders/whatever term you prefer can reflect more gifts and therefore serve those they care in a more holistic manner.

Many of our churches have a model of leadership that centres around one person. Technically they may be the ‘teaching elder’ but in reality the minister or senior pastor in many protestant churches is at the top of an authority structure. This can come about by that person being authoritarian and keeping power and ‘control’ for themselves or through a Christian community that abdicates responsibility and leaves it up to the  ‘pastor’. In this case the various gifts of the church do not flourish and are not put to full use.

If a church is to move away from this approach more towards a team approach, what needs to happen?

If the change comes from the pastor/leader I can see how it could be worked through, but what if the pastor/leader is resistant to moving towards a team approach – what should the church community do and how should it respond?

All thoughts welcome.