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Why Rise?

We believe in teenagers. We are passionate about seeing young people from all walks of life leading flourishing communities and bringing hope to those around them.

We also recognise that for a lot of young people, believing that things can be different is hard. Circumstances are tough and sometimes dreams do not feel like they can become reality.

We want to help change that. We want to equip young people as leaders, support them and release them onto a path where together they show others that there can be a different way and that positive change is possible.

What is RISE?

RISE helps teenagers make a positive impact on their community through a schools leadership programme and mentoring.

RISE Leadership Programme

RISE Leadership Programme is a 6 module leadership training programme for groups of 5-30 teens ages 14-18. The length of the programme varies from 7-12 weeks, depending on the time available to the group. It is the aim of RISE to equip teens to become sources of hope in their communities. Out of the RISE Leadership Programme we want to see teens have on-going positive involvement in their communities, have a hopeful outlook towards the future, and act out of the inherent value of every community member.12195068_10153442759358173_4303190896030752084_o

Through teaching on vision, strategy, and teamwork RISE Leadership Programme participants will be equipped to:

  • Articulate a project to those who can help it become a reality
  • Know how to assess and meet a need in their community with the resources available to them
  • Recognise individual differences with respect

From leading collections for the homeless and producing workshops on positive mental health to community fun days and clean ups, we have seen teenagers break the pattern that has been set before them and change people’s lives as a result.

“Our young people found RISE Leadership Programme to be inspiring, challenging and engaging. It equipped them to identify and tangibly meet some of the needs in our community.” Norman Thompson, Youth worker

“What’s the point of just cleaning up around us when it will be a mess again next week? We need to change people’s attitudes first. Then maybe they’ll respect what we’ve cleaned.” Connor, 14, RISE Leadership Programme Participant

RISE Mentoring Programme

Innovista Ireland defines mentoring as,

“An intentional and mutual learning relationship that exists to help the young person discover and journey toward their full potential and for them to set and reach goals in response to their current needs.”2015-05-19 14.42.30

We have developed a six week mentoring program based on the GROW mentoring model that will enable young people to set goals in relation to school and community engagement, which is the main focus of our mentoring program.

  • School engagement: helping young people work towards being an active student within their school community and achieving their best in all aspects of school life
  • Community engagement: working with young people to look beyond their school walls and discover the skills they have to offer to make a difference in their wider community through volunteering and community initiative projects.


Until now RISE has focused on Dublin 1 and 8, working  primarily with Transition Year Students but also with a variety of youth groups and projects across the city.

We are currently developing RISE into a resource that can be delivered across Ireland.

Since our first programme in February 2013 we have worked in the following organisations and schools:

  • James Street CBS Secondary School, Dublin 8
  • St. Catherine’s Youth Group, Dublin 8
  • Ozanam House Youth Project, Mountjoy Square
  • St. Michael’s Youth Project, Inchicore
  • Mercy Secondary School, Dublin 8
  • Mount Carmel Secondary School, Dublin 1
  • Ballymun Youth Project, Dublin 11
  • Newpark Comprehensive School
  • Kill O’ The Grange Youth Group, Deansgrange
  • Dundrum Methodist and Wesley College

To take part in RISE and add your name to this list, contact Anne for more information.

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