Leadership Training

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To achieve our vision of seeing successive generations of young leaders pioneering and sustaining local mission that brings hope and change to their communities across Ireland we provide the following training opportunities:

Workshops: Interactive, experiential sessions focused on specific leadership and mission challenges  (more)

Tempo: Training in how to engage and reach your local community. In Tempo your team will learn together with a group of leaders over a year through a series of seven workshops, coaching and putting your learning into practice (more)

Training for Organisations and Teams: We recognise that the most effective learning often takes place within existing teams. We provide workshops and training that can be tailored to your team and context. (more)

Coaching: A conversation that gives you time and space to think and learn in a different way.  We believe that coaching can be incredibly significant in the growth of leaders. The coach provides an affirming, listening ear that respects the learner as a unique person, gifted and loved by God.  The coach aims to keep the learner focussed on the future, on possibilities and potential and will encourage the learner to think of practical steps they could take as a result of the coaching conversation. Contact us for more information.

RISE: Leadership development and mentoring for young people (teenagers) in inner city Dublin carried out in partnership with schools and community groups. For news stories about RISE click here.

Leading for Life: An annual training day focused on leadership and local mission taking place in Dublin and the North-West (more)


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